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Womb of Time

Womb of Time


Author : Laljee Verma

Category: Laljee verma Books

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Writer : Laljee Verma

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore (22 October 2020)

Publishing Year: 2020

ISBN: 1543761445

Format: Paper Back

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The concept of Time and God have drawn deep interest and attention of thinkers and philosophers, alike, from ancient time. This epic poem has six chapters. Book 1, 'Time Immortal' is about  timelessness of Time, and a hypothetical dailogue in imagery between Time and God. The chapter ends wondering:

"God is timeless, or Time is godless 

No one knows, none can answer."

Man's quest to root out evil has been a running story of human failure. Mankind has not succeeded in suppressing demonic thoughts for good. Book II contains metaphysical account of the mythical fight between Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasur, and reminds:

"Moon cannot shine in the absence of sun,

Nor clouds float without wind,

Man cannot survive without nature,

And god-concept without a fiend!"

Hindu scriptures say that the earth was resurrected from the abyss. Book III, 'Resurrection' is about the rebirth of earth from the abysmal darkness.

It has been a dream of mankind to create a heaven on earth. Book IV 'The Endevour' is on this theme. Bok V, 'Divine Fusion'  about meeting of Purush and Prakriti, meeting of man and woman, and eternal love. Lastly, book VI, 'God Delusion' is as it suggests.

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